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Are you in to podcasts? Do you have 30 minutes on a drive or while you're working out? The Rotary 5495 Express Podcast is a fun way to learn more about Rotary in Arizona.

The Satellite Rotary Club of Camelback Crossroads (CXR) is one club in Arizona. There are about 70 other clubs like CXR which make up a District. The District CXR belongs to is District 5495. There are two Districts in Arizona and the other one is in Southern Arizona covering Tucson and South Eastern Arizona.

District 5495 contains the Metro Phoenix area and extends North to the Utah border. D5495 has within it clubs from Prescott, Sedona, Bullhead City, Kingman, and Flagstaff as well.

And the Rotary 5495 Express Podcast covers a bunch of stories and resources from all over the best District in Rotary in 30 minute episodes. If you've ever attended an event for the District, you will inevitably find yourself in some amazing conversations with simply fascinating Rotarians. Ideally, The Express allows you to eavesdrop on some of those rich conversations in order to enhance your Rotary experience.

As you are learning about Rotary, about CXR, and about service in State Forty Eight, we invite you to listen to the Rotary 5495 Express Podcast. Feel free to subscribe on Apple Podcasts as well as Spotify Podcasts and please let us know what you think.

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