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Supercharge your service

You can volunteer from anywhere, right? So why Rotary? The answer lies within the impact you want to make.

One of the first things we ask new members when they join our club is, "What problem do you want to solve?" It's a very important question for your to consider. You want to help. You want to make a difference. Rotary wants to enable you to make lasting change. Take the good work you are doing now individually and multiply it-- multiply it by the amount of members in our club, by the amount of clubs in our state, by the amount of nations in Rotary...

Because "Together, we..." It's one thing to join a volunteer activity. There are plenty of them out there. And they all do amazing work in the community. But what if you are passionate about something and you want to really make a significant difference but you don't know where to start or how to get others involved. Or have you been searching for that particular cause and want to join in support of that cause with other people just as passionate as you. The "Together, we..." is what separates Rotary from other service opportunities. Your efforts by themselves are already amazing-- imagine if they could be multiplied to make an even greater impact on our world in a way that goes on far into the future.

"What problem do you want to solve?" Do you want to eradicate a disease? Do you want to bring dignity to children in foster care? Do you want to save our environment? Do you want to build peace? Do you want to end hunger? Do you want to make lasting change and have a fun time doing it? It might sound like a dream, which is probably the reaction Rotary got when it decided to eradicate the disease polio from the planet. Literally millions of Rotarians across the globe are in an amazing position to deliver vaccines to every living being. It might sound like a dream but it is very real.

Let's bring it down to a more local scale: the most food insecure county in the United States is Apache County in Arizona. Apache County runs along the border of the Arizona / New Mexico border. The population in Apache County consists mainly of the Navajo Reservation. It is difficult to get food there for several reasons not the least of which is the lack of drinking water available to anyone living in the area. Rotary District 5495 banded together and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from local Rotarians as well as Rotarians from all over the world in a matching grant project in order to place a water tank system serving hundreds of houses throughout Apache County and providing running drinking water for the first time. No one passionate person could do that alone. But one passionate Rotarian had a wealth of resources at their disposal in order to provide something as simple as water to a population that was struggling in our own state.

You want to take your service and supercharge it. Rotary wants to offer you the tools, resources, and working hands to help make that happen.

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